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Covid 19 Club Procedure – Changes to Sessions

All football sessions (ie both training and matchday’s) will now require all of the following.

Firstly, one-off prior parental consent to confirm you have understand all the risks involved, and agreement to new codes of conduct. They will also require:

  • Text confirmation that you intend to attend every session matches and training.
  • A register of every child for every session.
  • A verbal checkin with the responsible adult if the child is showing any covid symptoms.
  • Clearly labelled individual kit, refreshments and medical aids for each child.
  • Collection & Dropoff within a strict window.
  • A responsible adult from each home spectating for every child attending U13 level and below.

Injuries during sessions

In order to keep contact to a minimum, if your child is injured but isn’t in need of emergency medical attention, the coach in charge of the session will call the responsible adult to provide support.

So please be prepared to offer support to your injured child. This will be more likely during matches but is required at under 13 level and below for both training and matches.

Spectating safety

When entering the bubble, the coach will try and isolate the rest of the bubble to a safe distance, but please be mindful to keep a safe distance according to the latest government advice, currently at least 1 meter.

This may lead to an increase of spectators for both training and matchday sessions. Please be sure to follow guidelines from the facility, keeping a safe distance from other spectators.

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