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Covid 19 Club Procedure – If your child is showing symptoms

If any participant is deemed to be showing symptoms prior to a football session or between sessions, is it your responsibility to keep them isolated from any group activity, be sure to follow latest government guidance and alert your manager immediately.

For bubbles

The manager will alert everyone within their bubble that someone is being tested, it is likely there was recent contact, and to seek current government advice and get a test if necessary.

For Bubble Groups

The manager will also alert any other bubble groups, that someone from a different bubble is being tested, however there may have been some mild contact, again they should seek latest advice and get tested if neccessary.

Positive Tests

If any test is positive, then that individual will be required to isolate for 10 days (or the latest government advice).

You must alert your manager of any test results, so they can inform anyone who they may have been in contact with.

If they are negative, they are safe to resume training as long as they are not showing symptoms.

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